Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

The device complies with the RF specifications when the device
is used near your ear or at a distance of 1.5 cm from your body.
Ensure that the device accessories such as a device case and a
device holster are not composed of metal components. Keep
your device 1.5 cm away from your body to meet the
requirement earlier mentioned.
On a stormy day with thunder, do not use your device when it is
being charged, to prevent any danger caused by lightning.
When you are on a call, do not touch the antenna. Touching the
antenna affects the call quality and results in increase in power
consumption. As a result, the talk time and the standby time are
While using the device, observe the local laws and regulations,
and respect others' privacy and legal rights.
Keep the ambient temperature between 0°C and 40°C while the
device is being charged. Keep the ambient temperature between
0°C to 40°C for using the device powered by a battery.
Prevention of Hearing Damage
Using a headset at high volume can damage your hearing. To
reduce the risk of damage to hearing, lower the headset volume to
a safe and comfortable level.