Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

Do not place your device, battery, and charger in places where
they can get damaged because of collision. Otherwise, it may
lead to battery leakage, device malfunction, overheating, fire, or
Do not place magnetic storage media such as magnetic cards
and floppy disks near the device. Radiation from the device may
erase the information stored on them.
Do not leave your device, battery, and charger in a place with an
extreme high or low temperature. Otherwise, they may not
function properly and may lead to a fire or an explosion. When
the temperature is lower than 0°C, performance of the battery is
Do not place sharp metal objects such as pins near the earpiece.
The earpiece may attract these objects and hurt you when you
are using the device.
Before you clean or maintain the device, power off the device
and disconnect it from the charger.
Do not use any chemical detergent, powder, or other chemical
agents (such as alcohol and benzene) to clean the device and
the charger. Otherwise, parts of the device may be damaged or a
fire can be caused. You can clean the device and the charger
with a piece of damp and soft antistatic cloth.
Do not dismantle the device or accessories. Otherwise, the
warranty on the device and accessories is invalid and the
manufacturer is not liable to pay for the damage.