Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

may be short-circuited and may cause injuries and burns on
your body.
Do not disassemble the battery or solder the battery poles.
Otherwise, it may lead to electrolyte leakage, overheating, fire,
or explosion.
If battery electrolyte leaks out, ensure that the electrolyte does
not touch your skin and eyes. When the electrolyte touches your
skin or splashes into your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water
immediately and consult a doctor.
If there is a case of battery deformation, color change, or
abnormal heating while you charge or store the battery, remove
the battery immediately and stop using it. Otherwise, it may lead
to battery leakage, overheating, explosion, or fire.
If the power cable is damaged (for example, the cord is exposed
or broken), or the plug loosens, stop using the cable at once.
Otherwise, it may lead to an electric shock, a short circuit of the
charger, or a fire.
Do not dispose of batteries in fire as they may explode. Batteries
may also explode if damaged.
Cleaning and Maintenance
The device, battery, and charger are not water-resistant. Keep
them dry. Protect the device, battery, and charger from water or
vapor. Do not touch the device or the charger with a wet hand.
Otherwise, it may lead to a short circuit, a malfunction of the
device, and an electric shock to the user.