Huawei Pillar M615 Cell Phone User Manual

9 Security
Enabling/Disabling the Phone Lock
The phone lock protects your phone from unauthorized use. The
phone lock function is not enabled when you purchase the phone.
You can change the default phone lock code (Last four number of
the MDN) to any string of 4 to 8 digits.
1. 1.Select Menu > Settings > Security > Phone Lock.
2. Press Navigation keys to select one of the following options:
On: The phone lock will be enabled when the phone is powered
on next time.
Off: The phone lock will be disabled.
Locking the Keypad
When the keypad is locked, you can still answer incoming calls or
make emergency calls by pressing Send key.
1. Press and hold Input Method/lock key to lock the key pad.
2. Press Left soft key, and then press Right soft key to unlock the