Sony 1289-4870 Cell Phone User Manual

If the speaker or microphone get wet, their function may be impacted until the water
has completely dried. Please note that the drying time can be up to three hours
depending on the environment. During this time, you can, however, use other
features in the device that do not utilise the speaker or microphone. All compatible
accessories, including batteries, chargers, handsfree devices and micro USB cables,
are not waterproof and dust resistant on their own.
Your warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by abuse or improper use
of your device (including use in environments where the relevant IP rating limitations
are exceeded). If you have any further questions about the use of your products, refer
to our Customer support service for help. Also, for warranty information, refer to the
Important information
which can be accessed via the Setup guide in your device.
Recycling your device
Got an old device lying around the house? Why not recycle it? By doing so, you will
help us reuse its materials and components, and you’ll protect the environment, too!
Find out more about the recycling options in your region at
Limitations to services and features
Some of the services and features described in this User guide are not supported in
all countries/regions or by all networks and/or service providers in all areas. Without
limitation, this applies to the GSM International Emergency Number, 112. Please
contact your network operator or service provider to determine availability of any
specific service or feature and whether additional access or usage fees apply.
Use of certain features and applications described in this guide may require access
to the Internet. You may incur data connection charges when you connect to the
Internet from your device. Contact your wireless service provider for more
Legal information
Sony D6603/D6653
This User guide is published by Sony Mobile Communications Inc. or its local affiliated company, without any
warranty. Improvements and changes to this User guide necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of
current information, or improvements to programs and/or equipment, may be made by Sony Mobile
Communications Inc. at any time and without notice. Such changes will, however, be incorporated into new
editions of this User guide. All illustrations are for illustration purposes only and may not accurately depict the
actual device.
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This User guide may reference services or applications provided by third parties. Use of such programming or
services may require separate registration with the third party provider and may be subject to additional terms
of use. For applications accessed on or through a third-party website, please review such websites’ terms of
use and applicable privacy policy in advance. Sony does not warrant or guarantee the availability or
performance of any third-party websites or offered services.
Your mobile device has the capability to download, store and forward additional content, for example,
ringtones. The use of such content may be restricted or prohibited by rights of third parties, including but not
limited to restriction under applicable copyright laws. You, and not Sony, are entirely responsible for additional
content that you download to or forward from your mobile device. Prior to your use of any additional content,
please verify that your intended use is properly licensed or is otherwise authorized. Sony does not guarantee
the accuracy, integrity or quality of any additional content or any other third party content. Under no
circumstances will Sony be liable in any way for your improper use of additional content or other third party
for more information.
This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft. Use or distribution of such
technology outside of this product is prohibited without a licence from Microsoft.
Content owners use Windows Media digital rights management technology (WMDRM) to protect their
intellectual property, including copyrights. This device uses WMDRM software to access WMDRM-protected
content. If the WMDRM software fails to protect the content, content owners may ask Microsoft to revoke the
software's ability to use WMDRM to play or copy protected content. Revocation does not affect unprotected
content. When you download licences for protected content, you agree that Microsoft may include a
revocation list with the licences. Content owners may require you to upgrade WMDRM to access their content.
If you decline an upgrade, you will not be able to access content that requires the upgrade.
This product is licensed under the MPEG-4 visual and AVC patent portfolio licences for the personal and non-
commercial use of a consumer for (i) encoding video in compliance with the MPEG-4 visual standard
("MPEG-4 video") or the AVC standard ("AVC video") and/or (ii) decoding MPEG- 4 or AVC video that was
encoded by a consumer engaged in a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was obtained from a video
provider licenced by MPEG LA to provide MPEG-4 and/or AVC video. No licence is granted or shall be implied
for any other use. Additional information including that relating to promotional, internal and commercial uses
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