Sony 1289-4870 Cell Phone User Manual

Smart apps and features that save you
Controlling accessories and settings with Smart Connect™
Use the Smart Connect™ application to set what happens in your device when you
connect or disconnect an accessory. For example, you can decide to always start the
FM radio application when you connect a headset.
You can also set Smart Connect™ to read out incoming text messages. Or you can
use the application to set a specific action or a group of actions to launch on your
device at certain times of the day. For example, when you connect your headset
between 7am and 9am, you can decide that:
The FM radio application starts.
Your favourite social networking app opens, for example, Facebook.
The ring volume is set to vibrate.
With Smart Connect™, you can also manage accessories such as Xperia™
SmartTags or a watch from the Sony SmartWatch series. Refer to the User guide of
the specific accessory for more information.
If you are using a device with multiple users, you must log in as the owner, that is, the primary
user, to use the Smart Connect™ application.
1 Tap to display all added devices
2 Add a device or an event
3 View menu options
4 Tap to display all added events
5 Tap to activate an event
6 Tap to view details of an event
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