Sony 1289-4869 Cell Phone User Manual

To adjust the settings for a connected accessory
Pair and connect the accessory with your device.
Start the Smart Connect application.
Tap Accessories, then tap the name of the connected accessory.
Adjust the desired settings.
Using your device as a fitness hub with ANT+™
You can use your device with health and fitness products that also support ANT+™
technology. For example, if you go running with an ANT+™ compatible heart rate
monitor and a foot pod (to measure pace and distance), you can collect all the data
from the run on your device. You can then analyse your performance and see how
you can improve.
You can download a range of applications from Google Play™ that support ANT+™
sport, fitness and health devices. For information about ANT+™ compatible
products, go to
Using your device as a wallet
Use your device as a wallet to pay for goods without reaching for your real wallet. All
of your installed payment services are put together to be viewed and managed. Note
that when making a payment, you must first turn on the NFC function before your
device touches a card reader. For more information about NFC, see
page 117 .
Mobile payment services may not yet be available in all regions.
To manage payment services
From your Home screen, tap .
Find and tap Settings > Tap & pay. A list of payment services appears.
Manage the payment services as desired, for example, change your default
payment service.
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