Sony 1289-4869 Cell Phone User Manual

Take photos with real-time portrait styles.
To learn more about how to take better photos, go to
To switch between capturing modes
Press and hold down the camera key.
Swipe the screen to the desired capturing mode.
Superior auto
Superior auto mode detects the conditions in which you are shooting and
automatically adjusts the settings to ensure that you take the best photo possible.
The highest resolution that Superior auto mode supports is 8MP. If you want to take photos
with a higher resolution, use Manual mode.
Manual mode
Use Manual mode when you want to manually adjust your camera settings for taking
photos and videos.
AR effect
You can apply AR (augmented reality) effects to your photos or videos and make
them more fun. When using the camera, this setting lets you integrate 3D scenes into
your photos or videos. Just select the scene you want and adjust its position in the
Creative effect
You can apply different effects on your photos or videos. For example, you can add a
Nostalgic effect to make photos look older or a Sketch effect for a more fun image.
Sweep Panorama
You can take wide-angle and panoramic photos from the horizontal or vertical
direction in an easy press-and-sweep motion.
To take a panoramic photo
Activate the camera.
Swipe the screen to go to , then select .
To select a shooting direction, tap
Press the camera key and move the camera slowly and steadily in the direction
of movement indicated on the screen.
Timeshift burst
The camera takes a burst of 61 photos in a window of two seconds – one second
before and after you tap the on-screen camera button. So you can go back and find
the perfect image.
To use Timeshift burst
Activate the camera.
Swipe the screen to go to , then select .
Take photos. The photos taken appear in thumbnail view.
Scroll through the thumbnails and select the photo that you want to save, then
tap .
Timeshift video
You can record video at the high frame rate of 120 frames per second and then apply
effects so that you can play back parts or all of the video in slow motion.
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