Sony 1289-4869 Cell Phone User Manual

Background defocus mode
Use your camera's blurred background effect to make your subjects look sharper and
more vivid in comparison to their background. In Background defocus mode, the
camera takes two shots, identifies the background and then blurs it while keeping the
subject sharp and in focus – like shooting with a digital SLR camera. You can select
from three different blur variations and tune the blur level in the preview display.
Face in picture
You can use the Face in picture mode to turn on the front and main cameras at the
same time, so you can take a photo of yourself together with the subject.
Multi camera mode
Multi camera mode lets you take a photo that combines images from two different
angles and devices. You see two images in the camera viewfinder of your device –
one from your own camera and one from a connected Xperia™ device or a Sony
camera that supports NFC and Wi-Fi Direct™ technology. You can then edit what
you see in the viewfinder before taking a photo.
So if you’re at a concert venue, for example, and you want to capture a photo that
combines a view of the band from one angle and the audience from another, you can
use Multi camera mode for the best effect.
You can set up Multi camera mode using NFC, which launches the pairing of the two
devices using Wi-Fi Direct™ technology.
To use Multi camera mode
Turn on the NFC functions on both devices that you want to connect.
Activate the camera on your device.
Swipe the screen to go to
, then select .
On the screens of both devices, tap
Touch the NFC detection areas of each device to one other. Both devices
should now connect using Wi-Fi Direct™ technology.
Once the devices are connected, two images appear in the viewfinder of your
device – one from the viewfinder of your camera and another from the
viewfinder of the connected device.
To edit the images in your viewfinder, tap .
Edit the images as desired. For example, you can tap and hold an image and
drag it to the other side of the viewfinder to change the order.
When you are finished editing and are ready to capture the final combined
image, tap Done >
Downloading camera applications
You can download free or paid camera applications from Google Play™ or other
sources. Before you start downloading, make sure that you have a working Internet
connection, preferably over Wi-Fi® to limit data traffic charges.
To download camera applications
Open the camera application.
Swipe the screen to go to , then tap .
Select the application that you want to download, and follow the instructions to
complete the installation.
Quick launch
Use Quick launch settings to launch the camera when the screen is locked.
Launch only
When this setting is activated, you can launch the camera when the screen is locked by pressing and
holding down the camera key.
Launch and capture
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