Blackberry 8130 Cell Phone User Manual

2. Click Place Call.
3. Perform one of the following actions:
Type a phone number.
Type part of a contact name. Click a contact or phone number.
4. Press the Send key.
To end the call, press the End key.
Use a headset
You can purchase an optional headset to use with your BlackBerry® device.
To answer a call, press the headset button.
To turn on mute during a call, press the headset button. To turn off mute, press the headset button again.
To end a call, hold the headset button.
To make a call using a voice command, hold the headset button. Say the command.
To pause a song, press the headset button. To resume playing the song, press the headset button again.
For more information about using the headset, see the documentation that came with your headset.
Emergency calls
About emergency calls
Your BlackBerry® device is designed to make emergency calls even when it is locked. If the connection to the wireless network is turned
off when you initiate an emergency call, your device is designed to connect to the wireless network automatically.
You can only make emergency calls by typing official emergency access numbers (for example, 911 in North America).
About Emergency Callback Mode
When you end an emergency call, the BlackBerry® device enters Emergency Callback Mode. This mode enables the operator to call you
back or determine your approximate location. Depending on your service provider, Emergency Callback Mode is active for five minutes or
is canceled when you make a non-emergency call.
In Emergency Callback Mode, you cannot send and receive messages or browse web pages.
Your device exits Emergency Callback Mode at any time if you make a non-emergency call.
Make an emergency call
If your keyboard or BlackBerry® device is unlocked, in the phone, type the emergency number. Press the Send key.
If your keyboard or device is locked, press the Enter key. Click Emergency Call. Click Yes.