Blackberry 8130 Cell Phone User Manual

Allow the Bluetooth enabled device to discover your BlackBerry device. In the Bluetooth setup application, click Allow another
device to find me.
Turn off encryption for Bluetooth connections between your BlackBerry device and the Bluetooth enabled device. In the device
options, click Bluetooth. Click a Bluetooth enabled device. Click Device Properties. Change the Encryption field to Disabled.
Press the Menu key. Click Save.
I cannot share contacts with a paired Bluetooth enabled device
Try performing the following actions:
Verify that Bluetooth® technology is turned on.
Verify that your BlackBerry® device is paired with the Bluetooth enabled device.
Verify that, in the Bluetooth options, the Address Book Transfer field is set to Enabled.
Verify that your BlackBerry device is connected to a Bluetooth enabled device that supports the Handsfree profile or the Object
Push profile. For more information about supported profiles, see the documentation that came with the Bluetooth enabled device.
Date and time troubleshooting
The time on my device is incorrect
Try performing the following actions:
If you have traveled to a different time zone, set the Time Zone field to display the correct time zone.
If you have set the Date/Time Source field to Network, try setting the Date/Time Source field to BlackBerry.
Notification profile troubleshooting
My device is vibrating more times than expected
For calls, the number of times that the BlackBerry® device vibrates is not determined by the number of vibrations that you set in your
notification profile. The device vibrates until the caller or the wireless network ends the connection.
I am not receiving notification for incoming calls or messages
Try performing the following actions:
In the profile list, verify that the Off profile is not selected.
In a notification profile exception, verify that the Custom Phone Tune field is not set to Mute.
I cannot set some fields when creating a Calls From notification profile exception
If you assign a custom ring tone to a contact in the address book, a Calls From profile exception appears in the profile list. Because these
exceptions are for calls only, you can only set the Custom Phone Tune field.