Blackberry 8130 Cell Phone User Manual

Display troubleshooting
My device screen turns off
When you do not use your BlackBerry® device for a period of time, the screen turns off to conserve battery power.
To turn on the screen, click the trackball or press a key.
My display changed
Depending on your theme, display options, such as your font and Home screen background, might change when you switch themes.
Language troubleshooting
Some characters do not appear correctly on my device
The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or BlackBerry® Internet Service that is associated with your BlackBerry® device might not support the
characters. For more information, contact your system administrator or your wireless service provider.
Wireless network coverage troubleshooting
I cannot connect to a wireless network
Try performing the following actions:
Verify that you have turned on the connection to the wireless network.
If you have set a specific speed for wireless network connections, verify that you are in a wireless coverage area that supports the
connection speed.
Security troubleshooting
I cannot type a password
Verify that you are using the multi-tap input method.
I cannot unlock my device using my smart card
Try performing the following actions:
Verify that the correct smart card is inserted in the smart card reader.
Verify that the smart card is inserted in the smart card reader correctly.