LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Onscreen Icons
The phone screen displays several onscreen icons which
appear when the phone is powered on.
Icons Descriptions
Displays the strength of the signal received by the
phone and current signal strength is indicated by the
number of bars displayed on the screen.
No service
The phone is not receiving a system signal.
Digital indicator
Digital service is available.
Indicates that a text message has been received.
In Vibration mode
Charge level
Indicates battery charge level.
Indicates that a voice mail has been received.
The phone is outside of its home service area.
In use
A call is in progress.
No icon indicates the phone is in standby mode.
Chapter 1
Getting Started
Phone Overview
1. Headset Jack : Provides connection for an optional
2.Volume Keys : Adjust the ringer volume in Standby
mode or voice volume during a call.
3. OK : Lets you place a call and select menu options.
4. Display Screen : Displays phone status icons and menu
5. Power On Indicator/LED : Flashes when phone is pow-
ering up.Also flashes to alert you to incoming calls, mes-
sages, scheduler alarms and more.
6. 4-Way Navigator : Scrolls through menus and displays
the next or previous entry or message.
7. END/PWR : Lets you power the phone on or off, end
calls or return to the main menu.
8. CLR : Lets you clear an entry or back up in a menu.