LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Phone Book Features
You can store up to 200 entries in your phone book with
easy access to your most frequently dialed phone num-
Personal Phone Book Memory
The phone has 200 personal phone book memory loca-
tions where you can store up to 5 phone numbers with
32 digit capacity for each phone number.
Saving Numbers in Your Personal Phone Book
Memory locations 1 through 99 should be used for one-
touch dialing for your most frequently used phone num-
1. Input the phone number that you want to save (up to
32 digits).
2. Highlight Save and press .
3. Select your desired label types, such as Home,
Home2, Office, Office2, Mobile, Mobile2, Pager,
Data, Fax, Fax2, No Label using and press
4. Enter a name for entry or highlight an existing entry
and press .
5. Press to save entry in first available memory
Chapter 3
Menu Features
Changing Your Phone’s Settings
Changing the Greeting
1. From the main menu, highlight Settings and press
2. Highlight Display and press .
3. Highlight Greeting and press .
4. Highlight Change and press .
5. Enter a new name and press .
Adjusting the Ringer, Key Beep and Earpiece
1. From the main menu, highlight Settings and press
2. Highlight Sounds and press .
3. Highlight Audio Volume and press .
4. Highlight Ringer, Key Beep, Earpiece or PWR
On/Off and press .
5. Highlight a volume setting and press .
Adjusting Volume During a Conversation
Press the volume keys on the side of your phone during
the call.
Chapter 3 Menu Features