LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Battery Charge Level
The battery charge level is shown at the top right of the
LCD screen.
When the battery charge level becomes low, the low
battery sensor alerts you in three ways: sounding an
audible tone, blinking the battery icon, and displaying
LOW BATTERY WARNING! If the battery charge level
becomes exceedingly low, the phone automatically
switches off and any function in progress is not saved.
Using the Desktop Charger
The desktop charger has a slot for recharging batteries
that accommodates the phone and battery for charging.
Warning! Use only the desktop charger pro-
vided with the phone. Using an unauthorized
charger may damage your phone or battery.
1. Plug the charger into a wall outlet. The phone must
be charged from a 120 Vac power source.
2. Insert the phone with an installed battery or the bat-
tery by itself into the slot of the charger.The red light
indicates the battery is charging and the green light
indicates the battery is fully charged.
The charge time varies depending upon the battery
level. The maximum charge time for a fully dis-
charged battery is 3 hours.
Using the Battery Pack
Note: It is important to charge the battery fully
before the initial use of the phone.
The phone comes with a rechargeable battery.Keep the
battery charged while not in use in order to maximize
talk and standby time when using the phone.
Installing the Battery
To install the battery, insert the bottom of the battery into
the opening on the back of the phone.Then push the top
of the battery down until the latch clicks.
Removing the Battery
Turn the power off. Lift the release latch to detach the
Chapter 1
Getting Started