LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

WARNING! To reduce the possibility of electric
shock, do not expose your phone to high humid-
ity areas, such as a bathroom, swimming area,
Caution: Use only LG-approved batteries and
desktop chargers to avoid the damage to the
phone. Using other batteries or chargers voids
your warranty and may cause an explosion.
Caution: Do not use batteries and desktop charg-
ers for purposes other than their intended use.
Never store your phone in temperatures less
than -20 °C or greater than 50 °C, such as outside
during a snowstorm or in your car on a hot day.
Exposure to excessive cold or heat may result in
phone malfunction, damage and/or failure.
Use caution when using your phone near other
electronic devices. RF emissions from your
mobile phone may affect nearby inadequately
shielded electronic equipment. Consult manufac-
turers of any personal medical devices such as
pacemakers and hearing aides to determine if
they are susceptible to interference from your
mobile phone. Turn off your phone in a medical
facility or at a gas station.
IMPORTANT! Please read the TIA safety information
before using your phone.