LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

5. Keypad Configurations - Game Screen
: DOUBLE (Appears only when you have two of
the same card; such as 2 k’s)
: Pauses the game
: Ends the game
The rest are the same as the keypad configurations in
Mobile Hawk.
Game Options
You can set sound volume of the game and backlight to
on or off.
To change your phone’s setting when you play the
1. From the main menu, highlight Games and press
2. Highlight Game Options and press .
3. Use to choose the setting between Sound and
1. Keypad Configuration - Menu Screen
: Begins a new game.
: Moves to Score screen.
: Moves to key configurations screen.
: Resumes the game if paused.
: Moves to the game selection menu.
: Ends the game.
2. Key Configurations - Game Logo Screen
: Pauses the game.
: Ends the game.
3. Key Configurations - Betting Screen
: Decreases bet.
: Increases bet.
: Ends the game and moves to Input Name
: Pauses the game.
: Ends the game.
4. Keypad Configurations - Dealing Screen
: Pauses the game.
: Ends the game.
Chapter 3
Menu Features