LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Chapter 4
Hands-Free Car Kit (Portable)
The hands-free car kit, model PHF-
32W, enables you to attach the
phone to the car providing you with
hands-free operation. It will also
charge a completely discharged
battery in 5 hours.
Connects to your phone, allowing
hands- free operation. Includes ear-
piece, microphone, and integrated
call answer /termination button.
Data Cable Kit
Connect your phone to your PC.
Travel Charger
This charger, model TC-10W,
allows you to charge the battery. It
supports AC 100~240 Volt,
50~60 Hz outlets.
An orange light indicates that it is
charging, a green light indicates
charging is complete.
It takes 5 hours to charge a com-
pletely discharged battery.
Desktop Charger
The desktop charger, model
DC-97W, allows you to place
the phone in the stand for
charging. It can charge a com-
pletely discharged battery in 3
Cigarette Lighter Charger
You can operate the phone and
trickle charge the phone’s bat-
tery from your vehicle by using
the cigarette lighter charger,
model CLC-30W. It takes 5
hours to charge a completely
discharged battery.
Chapter 4