LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Internal Phone Book
Saving Phone Numbers
1. From the main menu, enter a phone number.
2. Highlight Save and press .
3. Select a label by highlighting it and press .
4. Enter a name for entry or highlight an existing entry
and press .
5. Press to save entry in first available memory
Finding Phone Numbers
1. Enter one or more digits.
2. Highlight Find and press .
3. To display the Internal Phone Book entry that con-
tains the phone number, highlight the entry and
press .
4. To dial the number, press again.
Making a Call From Your Internal Phone Book
1. Press the 4-way navigator left.
2. Highlight the entry you want to call and press .
3. Press again to dial the entry’s default phone
number, or highlight the number you want to call,
press to display the number and press
again to dial the number.
Making and Answering Calls
Making Calls
1. Make sure your phone is on.
2. Enter a phone number. If you make a mistake while
dialing, press to erase one digit at a time. Or,
press and hold to erase the entire number.
3. Press to dial the number..
4. When you’re finished, close the phone, press or
highlight End Call and press to end the call.
Correcting Dial Errors
If you typed a wrong number, press the Key once
to delete the lastly typed digit, or Hold down the Key
for 2 seconds to delete all the typed digits at the
same time.
Answering Calls
1. Make sure your phone is on. If your phone is off,
incoming calls go to voicemail.
When your phone rings or vibrates, answer the call by
pressing .
3.To end the call, close the phone, press or high-
light End Call and press .
Chapter 2
Basic Functions