LG Electronics -IP3100 Cell Phone User Manual

Do not short-circuit the battery contacts. A short circuit can
occur when a metallic object such as a coin, clip or pen con-
tacts the metal terminals of the battery. A short circuit of the
terminals may damage the battery, the phone, the object
causing the short circuit and may result in heat, fire, or cata-
strophic failure such as an explosion.
Always replace the rubber cap on the receptacle located at
the base of your phone when the receptacle does not need
to be accessed. Short-circuit may be caused by the contact
with the metallic articles such as a coin and clip or pen and
may result in heat, fire, or catastrophic failure such as an
Do not disassemble the battery as it may cause electric
shock, short-circuit, or fire.
Do not expose the phone to excessive vibration or a sharp
Never place your phone in a microwave oven as it will
cause the battery to explode.
General Warnings and Cautions
Store the battery in a place out of reach of children.
Using a damaged battery or placing a battery in your mouth
may cause serious injury.
Do not place items containing magnetic components such
as a credit card, phone card, bank book or a subway ticket
near your phone. The magnetism of the phone may dam-
age the data stored in the magnetic strip.
Do not hold or let the antenna come in contact with your
body during a call.
Safety Information
Please read and observe the following information for the
safe and proper use of your phone and to prevent any
unanticipated damage. Also, keep the user’s manual in
an accessible place at all the times after reading it.
Explosion, Shock, and Fire Hazards
Unplug the power cord and charger during lightning
storms to avoid electric shock or fire.
Do not use your phone in high explosive areas as the
phone may generate sparks.
Do not put your phone in a place subject to excessive
dust and keep the minimum required distance between
the power cord and heat sources.
Unplug the power cord prior to cleaning your phone, and
clean the power plug pin when it is dirty.
Do not damage the power cord by bending, twisting, pulling,
or heating. Do not use the plug if it is loose as it may cause
a fire or an electric shock.
When using the power plug, ensure that it is firmly
connected. If it is not, it may cause excessive heat or fire.
Do not place any heavy item on the power cord. Do not allow
the power cord to be crimped as it may cause fire or electric
Do not impact the phone with sharp items such as a nail and
keep it away from pets.
Do not disassemble the phone.
Do not place or answer calls while charging the phone as it
may cause short-circuit and cause electric shock or fire.
Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 1
Getting Started