Nokia N85 Cell Phone User Manual

within the validity period, the message is deleted
from the message center.
Message sent as — Contact your service provider
to learn if your message center is able to convert text
messages into these other formats.
Preferred connection — Select the connection to
Reply via same center — Select whether you want
the reply message to be sent using the same text
message center number (network service).
Multimedia message settings
Press , and select Messaging > Options >
Settings > Multimedia message.
Select from the following:
Image size — Define the size of the image in a
multimedia message.
MMS creation mode — If you select Guided, the
device informs you if you try to send a message that
may not be supported by the recipient. If you select
Restricted, the device prevents you from sending
messages that may not be supported. To include
content in your messages without notifications,
select Free.
Access point in use — Select which access point is
used as the preferred connection.
Multimedia retrieval — Select how you want to
receive messages. To receive messages
automatically in your home cellular network, select
Auto in home netw.. Outside your home cellular
network, you receive a notification that there is a
message to retrieve in the multimedia message
Outside your home cellular network, sending and
receiving multimedia messages may cost you more.
If you select Multimedia retrieval > Always
automatic, your device automatically makes an active
packet data connection to retrieve the message both
in and outside your home cellular network.
Allow anonymous msgs. — Select whether you
want to reject messages from an anonymous
Receive ads — Define whether you want to receive
multimedia message advertisements.
Receive reports — Select whether you want the
status of the sent message to be shown in the log
(network service).
Deny report sending — Select whether you want
to prevent your device from sending delivery reports
of received messages.
Message validity — Select for how long the
message center resends your message if the first
attempt fails (network service). If the message
cannot be sent within this time period, the message
is deleted from the message center.