Nokia N85 Cell Phone User Manual

FM transmitter
About the FM transmitter
The availability of this feature may vary by country.
Some countries may restrict the use of the FM
transmitter. Before using the feature in a foreign
country, see to check
if use is permitted.
With the FM transmitter, you can play songs in your
device through any compatible FM receiver, such as a
car radio or a home stereo system.
The operating distance of the FM transmitter is up to a
maximum of 3 meters (10 feet). The transmission may
be subject to interference due to obstructions, such as
walls, other electronic devices, or from public radio
stations. The FM transmitter may cause interference to
nearby FM receivers operating on the same frequency.
To avoid interference, always search for a free FM
frequency on the receiver before using the FM
The FM transmitter cannot be used at the same time as
the FM radio of your device.
The operating frequency range of the transmitter is
from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz.
When the transmitter is on and transmitting sound,
is displayed in the standby mode. If the transmitter
is on, but not transmitting anything,
is displayed
and a periodic tone sounds. If the transmitter is not
transmitting anything for several minutes, it switches
off automatically.
Play a song using FM transmitter
To play a song stored in your device through a
compatible FM receiver, do the following:
1. Press
, and select Music > Music player.
2. Select a song or a playlist to be played.
3. In the Now playing view, select Options > FM
4. To activate the FM transmitter, set FM
transmitter to On, and enter a frequency that is
free from other transmissions. For example, if the
frequency 107.8 MHz is free in your area and you
tune your FM receiver to it, you must also tune the
FM transmitter to 107.8 MHz.
5. Tune the receiving device to the same frequency,
and select Options > Exit.
To adjust the volume, use the volume function in the
receiving device. Listen to music at a moderate level.
Continuous exposure to high volume may damage your
To deactivate the FM transmitter, select Options > FM
transmitter, and set FM transmitter to Off.
If music is not played for several minutes, the
transmitter switches off automatically.
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