Nokia N85 Cell Phone User Manual

Even if you denied video sending during a video call,
the call is still charged as a video call. Check the pricing
with your service provider.
1. To start a video call, enter the phone number in the
standby mode, or select Contacts and a contact.
2. Select Options > Call > Video call.
The secondary camera on the front is used by
default for video calls. Starting a video call may take
a while. Waiting for video image is shown. If the
call is not successful (for example, video calls are
not supported by the network, or the receiving
device is not compatible), you are asked if you want
to try a normal call or send a text or multimedia
message instead.
The video call is active when you see two video
images, and hear the sound through the
loudspeaker. The call recipient may deny video
sending (
), in which case you only hear the sound
and may see a still image or a gray background
3. To end the video call, press the end key.
Options during a video call
To change between showing video or hearing only
sound, select Options > Enable, or Disable and the
desired option.
To use the main camera to send video, select
Options > Use main camera. To switch back to the
secondary camera, select Options > Use secondary
To take a snapshot of the video you are sending, select
Options > Send snapshot. Video sending is paused
and the snapshot is shown to the recipient. The
snapshot is not saved. Press Cancel to resume sending
To zoom your image in or out, select Options >
To route the audio to a compatible headset with
Bluetooth connectivity attached to your device, select
Options > Activate handsfree. To route the audio
back to the loudspeaker of your device, select
Options > Activate handset.
To change the video quality, select Options > Video
preference. Normal quality is framerate 10 fps. Use
Clearer detailfor small, static details. Use Smoother
motion for moving images.
To adjust the volume during a video call, use the
volume key on the side of the device.
Answer or decline a video call
When a video call arrives, is displayed.
Make calls