Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

To redial a number
When Retry? appears select Yes.
Do not hold your phone to your ear when
waiting. When the call connects, your
phone gives a loud signal.
To answer a call
Press .
To reject a call
Press .
To change the ear speaker volume
during a call
Press the volume key up or down.
To mute the microphone during a call
Press and hold down
Press and hold down again to
To turn on the loudspeaker during a
Press SpkrOn.
Do not hold your phone to your ear when
using the loudspeaker. This could
damage your hearing.
To view missed calls from standby
Press to open the call list.
Your phone switches automatically
between GSM and 3G (UMTS)
networks depending on availability.
Some network operators allow you to
switch networks manually.
To switch networks manually
From standby select Menu > Settings >
the Connectivity tab > Mobile networks
> GSM/3G networks.
Select an option.
Emergency calls
Your phone supports international
emergency numbers, for example, 112
or 911. You can normally use these
numbers to make emergency calls in
any country, with or without the SIM
card inserted, if you are within range of
a network.
In some countries, other emergency
numbers may also be promoted. Your
network operator may therefore have
saved additional local emergency
numbers on the SIM card.
To make an emergency call
From standby enter 112 (the
international emergency number) and
Calling 31
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