Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

More calling features
If your subscription includes an
answering service, callers can leave a
voicemail message when you cannot
answer a call.
To enter your voicemail number
From standby select Menu >
Messaging > Messages > Settings > the
Message settings tab > Voicemail
Enter the number and select OK.
To call your voicemail service
From standby press and hold down
Voice control
By creating voice commands you can:
Voice dial – call someone by saying
their name
Answer and reject calls when you
use a handsfree
To record a voice command using
voice dialing
From standby select Menu > Settings >
the General tab > Voice control > Voice
dialing > Activate.
Select Yes > New voice command and
select a contact. If the contact has
more than one number, select the
number to add the voice command to.
Record a voice command such as
“John mobile.”
Follow the instructions that appear.
Wait for the tone and say the command
to record. The voice command is
played back to you.
If the recording sounds OK, select Yes.
If not, select No and repeat steps 3 and
Voice commands are saved in the phone
memory only. They cannot be used in
another phone.
To voice dial
From standby press and hold down a
volume key.
Wait for the tone and say a recorded
name, for example “John mobile.” The
phone plays the name back to you and
connects the call.
Forwarding Calls
You can forward calls, for example, to
an answering service.
When Restrict calls is used, some forward
call options are not available. See
Restricted dialing on page 38.
36 Calling
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