Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

Memory card
If the product comes complete with a removable
memory card, it is generally compatible with the
handset purchased but may not be compatible with
other devices or the capabilities of their memory
cards. Check other devices for compatibility before
purchase or use. If the product is equipped with a
memory card reader, check memory card
compatibility before purchase or use.
Memory cards are generally formatted prior to
shipping. To reformat the memory card, use a
compatible device. Do not use the standard
operating system format when formatting the
memory card on a PC. For details, refer to the
operating instructions of the device or contact
customer support.
If the device requires an adapter for insertion into the
handset or another device, do not insert the card
directly without the required adapter.
Precautions on memory card use
Do not expose the memory card to moisture.
Do not touch terminal connections with your
hand or any metal object.
Do not strike, bend, or drop the memory card.
Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the
memory card.
Do not use or store the memory card in humid or
corrosive locations or in excessive heat such as
a closed car in summer, in direct sunlight or near
a heater, etc.
Do not press or bend the end of the memory card
adapter with excessive force.
Do not let dirt, dust, or foreign objects get into the
insert port of any memory card adapter.
Check you have inserted the memory card
Insert the memory card as far as it will go into any
memory card adapter needed. The memory card
may not operate properly unless fully inserted.
We recommend that you make a backup copy of
important data. We are not responsible for any
loss or damage to content you store on the
memory card.
Recorded data may be damaged or lost when
you remove the memory card or memory card
adapter, turn off the power while formatting,
reading or writing data, or use the memory card
in locations subject to static electricity or high
electrical field emissions.
Protection of personal information
Erase personal data before disposing of the product.
To delete data, perform a master reset. Deleting data
from the phone memory does not ensure that it
cannot be recovered. Sony Ericsson does not
warrant against recovery of information and does
not assume responsibility for disclosure of any
information even after a master reset.
Loudness warning!
Avoid volume levels that may be harmful to your
End User License Agreement
Software delivered with this device and its media is
owned by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
AB, and/or its affiliated companies and its suppliers
and licensors.
Sony Ericsson grants you a non-exclusive limited
license to use the Software solely in conjunction with
the Device on which it is installed or delivered.
Ownership of the Software is not sold, transferred or
otherwise conveyed.
Do not use any means to discover the source code
or any component of the Software, reproduce and
distribute the Software, or modify the Software. You
78 Important information
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