Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

results anytime, and compare them if
they have GPS data.
To compare results
From standby select Menu> Location
services > Tracker > Results.
Scroll to a result and select Options >
Select a result to compare with.
Energy consumption
To calculate and view the energy
consumption for a session you must
first set your personal profile in
Settings in Tracker. You view the
energy consumption in the result view.
To turn on energy consumption
From standby select Menu > Location
services > Tracker > Settings > Energy
consumption > On.
You can synchronize in two different
ways. You can synchronize your phone
using a computer program or you can
synchronize using an Internet service.
Use only one of the synchronization
methods at a time with your phone.
For more information, go to to
read the Synchronization Feature
Synchronizing using a
You can use the USB cable or
Bluetooth wireless technology to
synchronize phone contacts,
appointments, bookmarks, tasks and
notes with a computer program such
as Microsoft Outlook®.
Before synchronizing, you need to
install the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.
Sony Ericsson PC Suite software is
included on the CD with your phone and
available for download at
Required operating systems
page 25.
Synchronizing 57
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