Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

The phone does not ring or rings too
Make sure that Silent mode has not
been set to On. See To turn off the
ringtone on page 63.
Check the ringtone volume. See To set
the ringtone volume on page 63.
Check the profile. See To select a
profile on page 62.
Check the forward call options. See To
forward calls on page 37.
The phone cannot be detected by
other devices using Bluetooth
wireless technology
You have not turned the Bluetooth
function on. Make sure that the visibility
is set to show phone. See To turn on
the Bluetooth function on page 27.
I cannot synchronize or transfer
content between my phone and my
computer, when using the USB cable.
The cable or software that came with
your phone has not been properly
installed. Go to to
read Feature guides which contain
detailed installation instructions and
troubleshooting guides.
I have forgotten my code memo
If you forget your passcode, you must
reset the code memo. This means that
all entries in the code memo are
deleted. The next time you enter the
code memo, you must proceed as if
you are opening it for the first time.
To reset code memo
From standby select Menu > Organizer
> Code memo.
Enter an incorrect passcode 3 times.
Reset Code memo and delete all
items? appears.
Select Yes.
Troubleshooting 69
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