Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

Your phone has a GPS receiver that
uses satellite signals to calculate your
If you cannot use some GPS features, see
I cannot use Internet-based services on
page 67.
Using GPS
Your location can be found when you
have a clear view of the sky. If your
location is not found after a few
minutes, move to another location. To
help the search, stand still and do not
cover the GPS antenna.
The first time you use the GPS it may take
up to 10 minutes before your location is
Assisted start
With Assisted start your location is
calculated more quickly. If not turned
off, Assisted start will automatically be
used to find your location when
Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology is
To set when to use Assisted start
From standby select Menu > Location
services > Settings > Assisted start.
Select an option.
Google Maps™ for mobile
Google Maps™ lets you view your
current location, find other locations
and calculate routes.
54 GPS
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