Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

operator and make sure that the
network has coverage where you are.
The SIM card is not working properly.
Insert your SIM card in another phone.
If this works, it is probably your phone
that is causing the problem. Please
contact the nearest Sony Ericsson
service location.
Emergency calls only
You are within range of a network, but
you are not allowed to use it. However,
in an emergency, some network
operators allow you to call the
international emergency number 112.
See Emergency calls on page 31.
PUK blocked. Contact provider.
You entered your personal unblocking
key code (PUK) incorrectly 10 times in
a row.
Important information
Sony Ericsson Consumer Web
site there is a
support section where help and tips are only a few
clicks away. Here you will find the latest computer
software updates and tips on how to use your
product more efficiently.
Service and support
You have access to a portfolio of exclusive service
advantages such as:
Global and local Web sites providing support.
A global network of call centers.
An extensive network of Sony Ericsson service
A warranty period. Learn more about the
warranty conditions in the Important information.
At, you can find the
latest support tools and information. For operator-
specific services and features, please contact your
network operator.
You can also contact our call centers. If your
country/region is not represented in the list below,
please contact your local dealer. (Calls are charged
according to national rates, including local taxes,
unless the phone number is a toll-free number.)
If your product needs service, please contact the
dealer from whom it was purchased, or one of our
service partners. For warranty claims, save proof of
Anguilla 1-800-080-9518 (Toll Free)
Antigua and Barbuda 1-800-081-9518 (Toll Free)
Important information 71
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