Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

Media® Player, and a USB computer
You cannot see that a track is marked.
You cannot unmark tracks you have
already marked.
To mark a track
When the track you want to mark is
playing, press and hold down .
You can connect to PlayNow™ to
download ringtones, games, music,
themes and wallpapers. You can
preview or listen to content before you
purchase and download it to your
phone. If you cannot use PlayNow™,
see I cannot use Internet-based
services on page 67.
This service is not available in all
To use PlayNow™
From standby select Menu >
Scroll the PlayNow™ Web site and
follow the instructions to preview and
purchase content.
TrackID™ is a music recognition
service. You can search for title, artist
and album name for a track you hear
playing through a loudspeaker or on
the radio. If you cannot use TrackID™,
see I cannot use Internet-based
services on page 67.
To search for track information
When you hear a track through a
loudspeaker, from standby select
Menu > Entertainment > TrackID™ >
When the radio is playing select
Options > TrackID™.
For best results, use TrackID™ in a quiet
Online music and video clips
You can view video clips and listen to
music by streaming them to your phone
from the Internet. If you cannot use the
Internet, see I cannot use Internet-
based services on page 67.
To select a data account for
From standby select Menu > Settings >
the Connectivity tab > Streaming
settings > Connect using:.
Select the data account to use.
Music 47
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