Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

Declaration of Conformity for
We, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB of
Nya Vattentornet
SE-221 88 Lund, Sweden
declare under our sole responsibility that our
Sony Ericsson type AAD-3252071-BV
and in combination with our accessories, to which
this declaration relates is in conformity with the
appropriate standards EN 301 511:V9.0.2, EN 301
908-1:V3.2.1, EN 301 908-2:V3.2.1, EN 300
328:V1.7.1, EN 300 440-1:V1.4.1, EN 300
440-2:V1.1.2, EN 301 489-7:V1.3.1, EN 301
489-17:V1.2.1, EN 301 489-24:V1.4.1, EN 301
489-3:V1.4.1, EN 60 950-1:2006 following the
provisions of, Radio Equipment and
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment directive
Lund, October 2008
Rikko Sakaguchi,
Head of Creation & Development
We fulfill the requirements of the R&TTE Directive
82 Important information
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