Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

You can listen to music, audio books
and podcasts. Use Sony Ericsson
Media Manager to transfer content to
and from your phone. For more
information, see Transferring content
to and from a computer on page 25.
Stereo Portable Handsfree
To use the handsfree
Connect the portable handsfree. Music
stops when you receive a call and
resumes when the call has ended.
Music player
To play music
From standby select Menu > Media >
Browse by category using the
navigation key.
Scroll to a title and select Play.
To stop playing music
Press the center selection key.
To fast forward and rewind
Press and hold down
or .
To move between tracks
Press or .
To change the volume
Press the volume key up or down.
To minimize the player
Select Options > Minimize.
To return to the player
From standby select Menu > Media.
You can create playlists to organize
your music. You can add tracks to
more than one playlist.
Music 45
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