Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

When you start Google Maps, your
approximate location is shown using
information from nearby mobile towers.
Your location is updated with a more
precise position when the GPS receiver
finds your location.
To use Google Maps
From standby select Menu > Location
services > Google Maps.
To learn more about Google Maps
When you use Google Maps, select
Options > Help.
Driving directions
Wayfinder Navigator™ guides you to
your destination using voice
instructions. A free three-month trial
version of Wayfinder Navigator is
included in the phone.
Sony Ericsson does not warrant the
accuracy of any directional services
including but not limited to turn-by-turn
navigational services.
To start Wayfinder Navigator
From standby select Menu > Location
services > Navigation.
More GPS features
Save locations
You can find all saved locations in My
To save your current location
From standby select Menu > Location
services > My favorites > Add new
Select Edit and enter the title. Select
Scroll to Description: and select Add.
Enter the description and select OK.
Scroll to Position: and select Add >
Current position.
Select Save.
To view a saved location on a map
From standby select Menu > Location
services > My favorites.
Scroll to a location and select Go to.
To access favorites from Google
Press .
Location requests
External services may ask for your
GPS 55
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