Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

Some problems will require you to call
your network operator.
For more support go to
Common Questions
I have problems with memory
capacity or the phone is working
Restart your phone every day to free
memory or do a Master reset.
Master reset
If you select Reset settings, the
changes that you have made to
settings will be deleted.
If you select Reset all, your settings and
content, such as contacts, messages,
pictures, sounds and downloaded
games, will be deleted. You may also
lose content that was in the phone at
To reset the phone
From standby select Menu > Settings >
the General tab > Master reset.
Select an option.
Follow the instructions that appear.
I cannot charge the phone or battery
capacity is low
The charger is not properly connected
or the battery connection is poor.
Remove the battery and clean the
The battery is worn out and needs to be
replaced. See Charging the battery on
page 8.
No battery icon appears when I start
charging the phone
It may take a few minutes before the
battery icon appears on the screen.
Some menu options appear in gray
A service is not activated. Contact your
network operator.
I cannot use Internet-based services
Your subscription does not include
data capability. Settings are missing or
You can download settings using the
setup wizard or by going to
Troubleshooting 67
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