Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

To view your local emergency
From standby select Menu > Contacts.
Scroll to New contact and select
Options > Special numbers >
Emergency nos..
Video call
You can share experiences with friends
and family as they happen or save them
to share later. You see the person you
are talking to on your screen. The other
person sees what is on your main
Before making video calls
3G (UMTS) service is available when
appears. To make a video call, both
parties on the call must have a 3G
(UMTS) phone subscription that
supports 3G (UMTS) service and 3G
(UMTS) coverage.
To make a video call
From standby enter a phone number
(with international country code and
area code, if applicable).
Select Options > Make video call.
To use the zoom with an outgoing
video call
Press or .
To view video call options
During the call, select Options.
Call List
You can view information about recent
To call a number from the call list
From standby press
and scroll to
a tab.
Scroll to a name or a number and press
You can save names, phone numbers
and personal information in Contacts.
Information can be saved in the phone
memory or on the SIM card.
You can synchronize your contacts using
the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.
Default contacts
You can choose which contact
information is shown as default. If
Phone contacts is selected as default,
your contacts show all the information
saved in Contacts. If you select SIM
contacts as default, your contacts
show names and numbers saved on
the SIM card.
32 Calling
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