Sony Ericsson C905 Cell Phone User Manual

Guidelines for Safe and
Efficient Use
Please follow these guidelines.
Failure to do so might entail a
potential health risk or product
malfunction. If in doubt as to its
proper function, have the product
checked by a certified service partner before
charging or using it.
Recommendations for care and safe
use of our products
Handle with care and keep in a clean and dust-
free place.
Warning! May explode if disposed of in fire.
Do not expose to liquid or moisture or excess
For optimum performance,
the product should not be
operated in temperatures
below +14°F(-10°C) or above
+113°F(+45°C). Do not
expose the battery to temperatures above
Do not expose to flames or lit
tobacco products.
Do not drop, throw or try to
bend the product.
Do not paint or attempt to
disassemble or modify the
product. Only Sony Ericsson
authorized personnel should
perform service.
Consult with authorized medical staff and the
instructions of the medical device manufacturer
before using the product near pacemakers or
other medical devices or equipment.
Discontinue use of electronic devices, or disable
the radio transmitting functionality of the device,
where required or requested to do so.
Do not use where a potentially explosive
atmosphere exists.
Do not place the product, or install wireless
equipment, in the area above an air bag in a car.
Caution: Cracked or broken displays may create
sharp edges or splinters that could be harmful
upon contact.
Do not use the Bluetooth Headset in positions
where it is uncomfortable or will be subject to
Warning! Keep out of the reach of
children. Do not allow children to
play with phones or accessories.
They could hurt themselves or others. Products may
contain small parts that could become detached and
create a choking hazard.
Power supply (Charger)
Connect the charger to power sources as marked on
the product. Do not use outdoors or in damp areas.
Do not alter or subject the cord to damage or stress.
Unplug the unit before cleaning it. Never alter the
plug. If it does not fit into the outlet, have a proper
outlet installed by an electrician. When a power
supply is connected there is a small drain of power.
To avoid this small energy waste, disconnect the
power supply when the product is fully charged. Use
of charging devices that are not Sony Ericsson
branded may pose increased safety risks.
New or idle batteries can have short-term reduced
capacity. Fully charge the battery before initial use.
Use for the intended purpose only. Charge the
battery in temperatures between +41°F(+5°C) and
+113°F(+45°C). Do not put the battery into your
mouth. Do not let the battery contacts touch another
metal object. Turn off the product before removing
the battery. Performance depends on temperatures,
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