ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

12 Entering Text 13Calls
Entering Letters (Abc/ABC/abc)
Press a number key (2 through 9) multiple times until the preferred letter is shown
on the screen. Press once to enter the first letter on the keypad; press twice
quickly to enter the second letter, and so on.
Press the 0 Key to add a space.
Hold the 0 Key to enter 0.
When using “Abc” mode, only the first letter will be capitalized.
After entering the first capital letter, the input mode will be changed to “abc”
mode automatically.
Entering Numbers
Press the # Key and select 123. The input method icon ( ) is shown on the
display. You can enter numbers directly using the number keys.
Tip: To enter a space when using number input, press the # Key and select any of
the ABC input methods. Press the 0 Key to enter the space.
Entering Symbols
Press the * Key.
Use the 4-Way Navigation Key to select a symbol.
Press the OK Key.
Making a Voice Call
From idle mode, enter a phone number.
Press the Send Key to call the number.
Using the Address Book
From idle mode, select Menu > Address Book.
Highlight a contact and press the Send Key to call the contact.
Using Call Options
During a call, you can press the Left Soft Key for more options. The options vary
depending on the functions you are currently using.
Hold/Unhold: Put the current call on hold or retrieve the call.
End call: End the current call.
DTMF off/on: Enable or disable the sending of Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
(DTMF) tones, which allow you to communicate with automated systems using
the keypad.
Message: Switch to the Messaging menu during a call.
Contacts: Switch to the Address Book menu during a call.
Browser: Browse the Internet during a call.
Receiving Calls
When a voice call comes in, press the Send Key to answer the call.
Tip: If you have connected a headset to the phone, you can press the button on
the headset to answer the call (if the headset supports this function).