ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Fixed Dial Numbers
If you enable fixed dial numbers, you cannot dial phone numbers that are not in
the Fixed Dial Numbers (FDN) list.
FDN List
The FDN list allows you to create a list of fixed dial numbers.
38 Settings
Teletype (TTY) Mode
Your handset is a TTY-compatible device. Simply connect the TTY equipment to
the headset jack.
 From idle mode, select Menu > Settings > Phone > TTY setting.
 Select one of the following options and press the OK Key for Select.
Full: Users who cannot talk or hear may use this setting to send and receive
text messages through TTY equipment.
Read & talk: Users who can talk, but cannot hear, may use this setting to talk
through the phone and receive responses via text messages.
Write & hear: Users who can hear, but cannot talk, may use this setting to
listen to the other party and respond via text messages.
Off: Users who can hear and speak may use this setting to disable
TTY support.
Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Mode
This phone supports HAC function. When you turn on the Hearing Aid Mode and
use a hearing aid with a telecoil to answer the phone, it will help you hear more
clearly while speaking on the phone. For more detailed information on HAC, please
refer to Care and Maintenance > Turn on the HAC Setting in this User Guide.
 From idle mode, select Menu > Settings > Phone > T-coil setting.
Select On or Off and press the OK Key for Select to confirm.
Your Z222 has been tested for hearing aid device compatibility and has an
M3/T4 rating.