ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Encoding: Change the current encoding method.
Show Properties: View details about the current page.
Settings: Adjust browser settings.
Exit: Exit the web browser.
24 Mobile Web 25Mobile Web
Mobile Web
Browse the web directly from your mobile phone. Check the weather, visit your
favorite websites, and enjoy access to the Internet on the go. From idle mode,
press the OK Key or select Menu > Mobile Web.
Using the Yahoo! Homepage
Navigate the Yahoo! homepage using the 4-Way Navigation Key. Highlight a link
and press the OK Key to select it.
Visiting a Website
From the Yahoo! homepage, select Options > Open > New Link.
Enter a web address and press the OK Key.
To access a link on a website, scroll to it using the 4-Way Navigation Key and
press the OK Key.
Mobile Web Options
Refresh: Reload the current page.
Forward: If you have gone back a page, move forward to the page you were on.
Open: Open a new link, a bookmark, browser history, a saved page, or return to
the homepage.
Dial: Go to the dial pad.
Add to Bookmarks: Add a site to your list of favorites.
Save Page: Save the current page to view it at a later time.
Use details: Save or set an image on the current page as wallpaper, or send the
URL to a contact.