ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Turn on the HAC Setting
When the HAC setting is on, your phone sends the audio from your phone calls
to the telecoil rather than to the microphone of your hearing aid. You are likely
to hear calls much better because volume is increased and background noise
and feedback are diminished. The HAC setting improves only the calls you listen
to through the earpiece. It does not affect calls heard on the speakerphone or a
headset. It’s better to turn off the Bluetooth function when the HAC setting is on.
HAC requires extra battery power, so watch your battery consumption when it’s
turned on.
Caution: Do not turn on the HAC setting unless you use a hearing aid with a
telecoil. Using this setting without a hearing aid or with a hearing aid without a
telecoil may be harmful to your hearing.
Copyright Notice
The video/audio recordings you make/download are protected by copyright
laws. They are for personal use only and must not otherwise be used without the
permission of the copyright owner.
48 Care and Maintenance
Troubleshooting and FAQs
If you encounter problems while using the phone, or if it performs erratically, you
can consult the information in the chart below. If your particular problem cannot
be resolved using the information in the chart, contact your service providers.
Problem Possible Causes Possible Solution
The network signal is too weak
at your current location, for
example, in a basement or near
a tall building, because wireless
transmissions cannot effectively
reach it.
Move to a location where the network
signal can be properly received.
The network is busy at the current
time (for example, during peak
times there may be too much
network traffic to handle additional
Avoid using the phone at such times,
or try again after waiting a short time.
You are too far away from a base
station for your service provider.
Request a service area map from your
service provider.
Echo or
Poor network trunk quality on the
part of your service provider.
Press the Power/End Key and dial
again. You may be switched to a
better-quality network trunk or phone
Poor local telephone line quality. Press the Power/End Key and dial
again. You may be switched to a
better-quality network trunk or phone
to select
Your service provider does not
support these features, or you
have not applied for services that
provide these features.
Contact your service provider.
49Troubleshooting and FAQs