ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Get to Know Your Phone
5Getting Started
To get the maximum performance out of your battery, it is recommended that
you completely charge the battery before using the phone for the first time. A
new battery’s full performance is only reached after three complete charge and
discharge cycles have been finished.
Charging is only possible within a temperature range of 32°F to 113°F.
Powering Phone On/Off
Note: Do not turn your phone on in areas in which wireless phone use is not
permitted, or when it could cause interference or danger.
Hold the Power/End Key to turn your phone on or off.
When prompted, enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) code or
handset code and press the OK Key.
The PIN code is the password provided by your network service provider. You
cannot use the SIM card without it.
When the PIN code or handset code is accepted, the phone automatically
searches for the network. After a few seconds, your phone displays idle mode.
4 Getting Started
Left Soft Key
OK Key
Send Key
Task Key
Camera Key
Navigation Key
Right Soft Key
Power/End Key
Clear & Back Key
Vibrate Mode Key
* Key
Camera Lens
Volume Up/
Down Keys
Headset Port