ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Voice Recorder
This function allows you to record a voice memo. You can also set the voice memo
as a ringtone.
From idle mode, select Menu > My Stuff > Tools > Voice recorder.
Select Start to start recording your voice memo.
 Select Pause to pause the recording.
 Select Contin. to resume recording.
 Select Stop to stop recording.
Press the OK Key for Save.
32 Entertainment 33Settings
Sound Profiles Settings
You can set and edit an appropriate profile depending on your
current environment.
 From idle mode, select Menu > Settings > Sound Profiles.
 Select a profile and press the Left Soft Key for Edit.
Select Voice call ringtone to set the voice call ringtone.
Select Ring volume to set the volume of the ringtone.
Select Ring type to set the ring type.
Select Message tone to set the notification ringtone for an
incoming message.
Select Keypad tone to enable or disable keypad tone.
Select Warning tone to turn the warning tone on or off.
Select Power on/off sound to turn on/off the sound that
plays while powering on/off the phone.
Select Earpiece volume to set the volume in the earpiece.
Phone Settings
From idle mode, select Menu > Settings > Phone.
Select Language to set the current display language.
Select Time and date to set the date, time, and time style.
Select Missed calls alert to enable or disable the notification for missed calls.
Choose for the alert to repeat every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30