ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Third-Party Equipment
The use of third-party equipment, cables, or accessories not made or authorized
by the manufacturer, may invalidate the warranty of your handset and also
adversely affect the handset’s operation. For example, use only the manufacturer
mains cable supplied with the AC charger.
Declaration of Conformity
We declare under our sole responsibility that the product(s) detailed in
this manual, and in combination with our accessories, conform to the
essential requirements of European Union Directive 1999/5/EC Radio and
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive requirements 3.1(a), 3.1(b), 3.2.
Disposing of Your Phone
The symbol on the equipment indicates that it must be the object of
“separate collection.”
Therefore, the customer has to contact local authorities to determine the proper
disposal methods for that municipality or deliver it to the retailer in exchange for
newly purchased equipment.
The separate collection of garbage and the successive operations of treatment,
recovery and waste help in the production of equipment made with recycled
material and limits the hazardous effects on the atmosphere and health caused
by improper management of garbage.
The illicit disposal of the product by the customer involves the application of the
administrative endorsements of which to article 254 and following
of the D.Lgs. 152, April 3rd 2006.
According to the article, the 13, D.Lgs. 25th July 2005, n. 151 “Performance of the
Directives 2002/95/CE, 2002/96/CE and 2003/108/CE, relative to the reduction
of the use of dangerous substances in the equipment electronic electrical workers
and, let alone to the disposal of the refusals”.
46 Care and Maintenance
Emergency Service
Note: Emergency service numbers vary by country. They help you to get
emergency service from the operator.
To make an emergency call in any country:
Ensure that your handset is on and in service.
Press the Power/End Key as many times as needed to clear the display and
ready the device for calls.
Enter the local emergency number for your current location, for example, 911.
Press the Send Key to dial the number. Follow the instructions you receive and
do not end the call until told to do so.
When the (U)SIM card is not inserted or when the dial lock function is on, press
the Right Soft Key for SOS and then enter the official emergency number for your
present location. Press the Send Key or OK Key for Call to dial the number.
Tell the operator which service you require: Police, Ambulance, or Fire. Tell them
where you are and remain stationary (if possible) to maintain contact.
Due to the nature of the cellular system, the connection of emergency calls
cannot be guaranteed. You should never rely solely on any wireless device for
essential communications, such as medical emergencies.
Privacy Information
Camera usage and photo/audio/video recordings carried out with the phone can
offend the confidentiality of the subjects. The user therefore is held to respect
legislation in matters of confidentiality and remains the only responsible subject in
the case of eventual violations of the enforced norm.
47Care and Maintenance