ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

8 Getting Started 9Getting Started
Idle Mode
After powering on the phone, when the name of the network is displayed on the
screen, the phone is in idle mode and ready for use. The display has 4 areas:
Status and Notification icons
Your phone will tell you exactly what’s going on by showing you simple icons. Here’s
what they mean.
Indicators and Icons
Indicator What it means Indicator What it means
Signal strength
Bluetooth on
3G network All calls divert
EDGE network
Battery status
GSM network Missed call
New SMS Roaming
The message
memory is full
New email Vibrate and ringing
New voicemail
Headset and vibrate
Vibrate mode
GPRS in use (solid
blue and green)
Headset mode Alarm
Indicators and Icons area
Date and Time area
Text and Graphics area
Soft Key function indicators