ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Sending a New MMS Message
Select Menu > Messaging > Create New Message.
 Enter the recipient’s number or press the OK Key for Contacts to choose the
recipient(s) from your address book.
 Press down on the 4-Way Navigation Key to move to the Text field.
 Enter a message. Press the Left Soft Key for Options and select Insert to insert
pictures, audio, or videos on your phone; you can also take a picture and record
audio or a video to insert.
 Press the OK Key for Send to send your message.
To save an unfinished message, press the Left Soft Key for Options and select
Save to save it to the Drafts folder.
Messages in the Outbox and Drafts folders can be edited and sent.
Viewing a Message
The or envelope icon will appear on the information bar to indicate that you
have received a new message.
Press the OK Key to view the message.
Or from idle mode, select Menu > Messaging > Inbox to check your messages.
Voicemail Settings
From idle mode, select Menu > Messaging > Settings > Voicemail number to
check the voicemail number.
Your voicemail number is preset by your service provider. You do not need to set it
16 Messages
Receiving a Voicemail
When the system sends you a message notifying you that there is a new
voicemail, hold the 1 Key to access the voicemail service from idle mode.
Note: Contact your service provider for more information on using the
voicemail service.
Message Folders
The Inbox folder contains all of your received messages. In this folder you
can view your received messages and reply to them or forward messages to
another recipient.
The Outbox folder contains all messages that were not sent during the last
attempt. In this folder you can edit or resend your messages.
The Sent folder contains messages that were sent successfully. From this folder
you can forward messages to another recipient.
The Drafts folder contains drafts and unfinished messages. In this folder you can
complete or resend your messages.
You cannot receive new messages if the message memory is full.
The total amount of space available for saving messages is determined by the
space available on the phone and SIM card.
Using Message Options
While viewing the contents of the Inbox, press the Left Soft Key to access the
following options, which apply to the highlighted text message:
Reply: Reply to the message.
Call Sender: Call back the originator of the message.
Save number: Save the originator’s number to your Address Book.