ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Making a Speed Dial
Note: The 1 Key is reserved for the Voicemail service.
From idle mode, hold the corresponding number key (2 to 9) in the speed dial
list to make the call.
 Press the Power/End Key to end the call
Using Address Book Entry Options
From idle mode, select Menu > Address Book.
 Scroll to the desired contact and press the Left Soft Key for more options:
Add new contact: Create a new contact.
Call: Call the highlighted contact.
Send message: Send SMS or MMS messages to this contact.
Edit contact: Edit this contact information.
Delete contact: Delete this contact.
Share contact info: Send this contact as a business card via MMS message.
Add to group: Add this contact to a group: Family, Friends, or Work.
Set as speed dial: Set speed dial for this contact.
SIM management: Copy contacts to or from the SIM card, or delete contacts
from the SIM card.
Delete multiple: Delete a batch of contacts.
Speed dial: View and edit the speed dial list.
AT&T Service Contacts: Access preset AT&T service numbers.
21Address Book
Address Book
Adding a Contact
You can store contacts with a variety of phone and fax numbers and additional
address details.
The phone can store up to 500 items. The capacity of the phone book on your
SIM card depends on the type of SIM card provided by your service provider. The
saved location is identified by the icon shown before the contacts.
Select Menu > Address Book > Options > Add new contact.
 Enter the information of the contact, such as name, number, and so on.
 Press the Left Soft Key for Save to save the new contact.
Searching for a Contact
Select Menu > Address Book to view all the contacts on your phone.
 Enter a letter. The phone will show all the contacts starting with that letter.
For example, to search “John,” press the 5 Key once for “j.” All names starting
with “J” or “j” are displayed.
 Refine the search by entering a subsequent letter that can occur anywhere in
the name.
For example, “Jn” will find “John” and “Julian,” but not “James.”
Setting Speed Dial
From idle mode, select Menu > Address Book.
 Use the 4-Way Navigation Key to select a contact, press the Left Soft Key for
Options and select Set as speed dial.
 Select an empty slot.
 Press the OK Key for Assign to finish.
20 Address Book