ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

10 Getting Started 11Entering Text
Main Menu
From idle mode, press the Right Soft Key for Menu to access the main menu.
Icon What it means Description
Recent Calls
View your incoming and
outgoing calls
Send and read SMS or
MMS messages
Address Book Add and edit contacts
Mobile Web Access the web
E-Mail Access your email
My Stuff
Contains applications
and tools such as Alarm,
Calendar, and more
Data Balance Check data usage
AT&T Account
Customer care and
Set up and person alize
your phone
Additional charges may apply. For more information on these services, please refer to the Phone & Feature Guide included
in your box or visit www.wireless.att.com.
Entering Text
Changing Input Mode
You can enter text into your phone using the
following input methods: ZiAbc, abc, Abc
(default input method), ABC, and number input.
You can also switch the language between English
and Spanish.
Current Text Mode
When you are in a field that allows characters to be
entered, the text input mode indicator is shown in
the upper right corner of the display.
Changing Input Mode or Language
Press the # Key and select an input method
or language.
Using Predictive Text (ZiAbc)
The predictive text method is based on a built-in dictionary and generates words
from the combination of letters pressed.
Press each key once that corresponds to the letter you want to enter. The
letters are shown on the display as they are entered. The list of candidate words
changes as each key is pressed.
When the candidate words are displayed, use the 4-Way Navigation Key to
highlight a candidate word and then press the OK Key for Select.
Press the 0 Key to insert a space or press the * Key to select symbols.
Press the Clear & Back Key to delete the letter to the left of the cursor. Hold the
Clear & Back Key to delete all entered text to the left of the cursor.