ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Problem Possible Causes Possible Solution
Battery will
not charge
The battery or battery charger is
Contact the dealer.
The phone’s temperature is below
14°F (-10°C) or above 122°F (50°C).
Adjust the battery charging
environment to avoid temperature
Poor contact between the battery
and charger.
Check all connectors to make sure
all connections have been properly
The standby time is related to
your service provider system
configuration. The same phone
used with different service
providers’ systems will not provide
exactly the same length of standby
If you are located in an area where
signaling is weak, temporarily switch
off the phone.
The battery is depleted. In high-
temperature environments,
battery life will be shortened.
Use a new battery.
If you are not able to connect
to the network, the phone will
continue to send out signals as it
attempts to locate a base station.
Doing so consumes battery power
and will consequently shorten
standby time.
Change your location to one
where the network is accessible, or
temporarily turn off your phone.
You cannot
switch your
phone on
Battery power has been depleted. Recharge the phone’s battery.
50 Troubleshooting and FAQs
Problem Possible Causes Possible Solution
(U)SIM card
(U)SIM card malfunction or
Take the (U)SIM card to your service
provider for testing.
(U)SIM card inserted improperly. Insert the (U)SIM card properly.
Debris on the (U)SIM card
Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the
(U)SIM card contacts.
Unable to
connect to
the network
(U)SIM card invalid. Contact your service provider.
You are not within the network’s
service area.
Determine the service area with your
service provider.
Poor signal. Move to an open space, or if you are
inside a building, move closer to a
PIN code is
You have entered an incorrect PIN
code three consecutive times.
Contact your service provider. If the
service provider provides the (U)SIM
card’s PUK code, use the PUK code to
unlock the (U)SIM card.
to enter
into the
phone book
The phone book’s memory is
already full.
Delete unnecessary data from
the Directory.
51Troubleshooting and FAQs