ZTE Z222 Cell Phone User Manual

Delete: Delete this message.
Lock/Unlock: When the message is locked, you will not be able to delete it.
Forward: Forward this message.
Sort: Sort the messages by time or read/unread.
Note: Options menu may vary if the highlighted message is an MMS message.
Message Settings
From idle mode, select Menu > Messaging > Settings to change the MMS/SMS/
Template settings.
MMS Settings (Multi. msg. setting)
Retrieval Settings: You have two choices:
Automatic: Retrieve the new multimedia message automatically without
selecting the notification message and receiving.
Manual: Retrieve the new multimedia message manually.
Time per page: Set the play time of each page.
Anonymous Msg.: You can choose to accept or reject anonymous messages.
Connections: Please consult the service operator for detailed information.
PUSH Message: You can accept or reject PUSH messages.
SMS Settings (Text msg. setting)
SMS center number: Service center number given to you by your service provider.
Template Setting
The phone has 10 templates for SMS/MMS, and you can edit them.
Using Message Templates
From idle mode, select Menu > Messaging > Create New Message.
Move to the Text field and select Options > Template.
Select a template and press the OK Key to insert the template.
Please don’t text and drive.
Mobile Email
Carry your email inbox in your pocket! With Mobile Email,
you can access numerous providers, including Yahoo!,
, AIM, Windows Live™, AT&T
, and Gmail™.
From idle mode, select Menu > E-Mail.
Select the name of your email provider. The steps that
follow will vary depending on your provider.
When you select Other Providers, you may be asked
to accept terms of service and/or to select your email
domain. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Enter your email address and password.
Press the OK Key for Sign In.
Additional charges may apply.
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